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For information on how the Company operates today and how to join, please see our Joining us page.

This page meanwhile deals with the history of our Company, plus the Object, Motto and Mission Statement of The Boys' Brigade. It also provides links to websites where you can find out about The Boys' Brigade within the UK & RoI and around the world.

Company history


We're the 1st Lye Company of The Boys' Brigade, based at The United Church Lye, which is a local ecumenical partnership between the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church.

Our Company belongs to the Worcestershire Battalion of The Boys' Brigade.

A condensed history of the Company between 2006 and present-day will be produced in the future, but in the meantime please see our Joining us page as well as our pages for Camps and other Events.

1919-1950s and 1982-2006

The Boys' Brigade in Lye has a very long history. The present Company, at The United Church Lye, was formed in January 1982 but has connections going back as far as the First World War.

After the fighting had come to an end in 1918 a group of men who had been out in the battlefields of the Western Front had come to know the work of Talbot House (Toc H) and were greatly influenced by the Christian principles Toc H had placed within them. A branch of Toc H opened in Orchard Lane in Lye in 1919.

Later on in 1919 those Christian gentlemen saw a need to instil the same Christian influences upon boys and young men of Lye, so the began, what was then, a Boys' Life Brigade Company, whose motto was "To save life".

After a number of years The Boys' Life Brigade, 1st Lye Company was transferred to St. John's Wesleyan Methodist Church in Chapel Street, Lye. During their time at St. John's the BLB was amalgamated with The Boys' Brigade (1926) and eventually became The Boys' Brigade 3rd South Staffs Company (part of The Boys' Brigade South Staffs Battalion). It remained as part of St. John's Methodist Church until its closure, due to lack of staff, some time during the 1950s. During the Company's time at St. John's a Life Boy Team was formed under the leadership of Miss Iris Hamblett, her brother, Kenneth being Captain of the Company for many years.

In the early 1980s a Girls' Brigade Company was formed at The United Church Lye. By this time all the Methodist Churches and the United Reformed Church in Lye had come together as a Local Ecumenical Partnership, and were all worshipping together in one new building. It seemed that there was a need for The Boys' Brigade to be established alongside The Girls' Brigade, so a group of people got together and formed what we now know as The Boys' Brigade 1st Lye Company (part of the Worcestershire Battalion).

All our trophies, Anchor Boys, Junior Section and Company Section awards have all been presented to the Company in memory of Mr Kenneth Hamblett, former Captain of the old Company from St. John's Methodist Church. Our most prestigious trophy was presented by and named The Iris Hamblett Trophy and is presented to those individuals who have done and achieved the most for the Company as a whole. Miss Iris Hamblett was the Life Boy Leader from the former 3rd South Staffs Company who dedicated her life to the work of young people in the Church. Both Boys' Brigade and Girls' Brigade mounted a 'Guard of Honour' at her funeral in recognition of her work among young people.

In 1996 as part of the 18th Birthday celebrations of the Company, new Company Colours were bought at a cost of £400 by fundraising and donations. In 1998 a Friends' Association was formed, which, by their efforts the Company was able to buy a much needed minibus. The minibus was replaced by a much newer model in 2005. The Company celebrated its 21st birthday in January 2003 and hosted a party for boys and young men of the Company and former members which culminated in a Thanks Giving service that was attended by so many people the Church was packed to capacity.

Parties, Church Services, Camps and Competitions alike, the work of The Boys' Brigade 1st Lye Company continues week by week with a group of dedicated Officers, staff, boys and young men, all learning from one another what the BB is all about. We aim to stick to the words of the BB object like glue, because the BB object is The Boys' Brigade.

- a history of our Company until around 2006, by former Captain Jonathan Salter

The Object, Motto and Mission Statement of The Boys' Brigade

The Boys' Brigade AnchorThe Object is:

The advancement of Christ's Kingdom among Boys, and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect, and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.

Taken from Hebrews 6:19, the Motto is:

Sure & Steadfast

Adopted by Brigade Council in September 2012, the current Mission Statement is:

Faith in Young People

The Boys' Brigade history, national and international links

The Boys' Brigade is the oldest Christian uniformed youth organisation in the world, with the first Company founded on 4th October 1883 in Glasgow by Sir William Alexander Smith.