Fireworks, Food & Friends Night 2014


Thursday, 6 November, 2014 - 18:00 to Friday, 7 November, 2014 - 19:55

Section(s) involved: 

All Sections

Uniform to be worn: 


We will hold a Fireworks, Food & Friends Night when we meet on Thursday 6th November.

The Night will involve a mixture of our regular activities, as well as a fireworks display and food such as hot dogs will be sold.

Fireworks, Food & Friends Night

Boys are being asked to invite their friends along for the Night, and to this end, each Boy has been given two invitations to the Night which can be given out to friends.

Meeting times are as per normal, and uniform is to be worn.

Details and invitations for friends will included with the Newsletter handed out on Thursday 23rd November.