Company Section & Seniors (SY 7 to 13)

Boys in our Company Section (school years 7 to 10; ages 11 to 15) take part in the Discover programme.The Company Section & Seniors

Discover Programme logo

It's all about learning new skills, making your own decisions and having fun. BB provides a safe environment to explore new possibilities and achieve personal goals while making friends and having adventures. Within Discover there are 3 programme zones as follows:

  • Community
  • Recreation
  • Skills

The Company Section & SeniorsEvery Boy should also expect:

  • To experience new challenges
  • To be listened to and have a say
  • To be respected and valued
  • To have fun

Young men in the Seniors (school years 11 to 13; ages 15 to 18) can have the oppurtunity to earn their President's Badge and Queen's Badge, respectively the second-most and highest awards in the Brigade.

The President's BadgeThe Queen's Badge

For both the Company Section and Seniors, numerous competitions throughout the year play a big part. These include quizzes, darts, draughts, drill, table tennis, five-a-side football and many others.

Like the Juniors, the Company Section and Seniors can attend numerous camps throughout the year; these Boys can also attend canvas camps. We've also recently begun holding Computer Sleepovers, which are open to Company Section Boys and Seniors (as well as Juniors).

For both the Company Section and Seniors, their Uniform is a navy blue Boys' Brigade shirt, with the Boys' Brigade tie, a black leather belt with chrome Boys' Brigade buckle, the Boys' hat, School (i.e. plain dark) trousers and formal shoes.

In 2010 several of our current and former members earned their Queen's Badge, which is a great achievement as it's the highest of the Brigade Awards, taking almost 3 long and hard years to complete. We are proud that quite a number of young men who have passed through the ranks of the Company over the years have attained this great honour.

When and Who?

The Company Section and Seniors meet every Thursday during term-time (terms as per local Schools), at 6pm until 8pm.

Mr Robert Parker is the Officer in Charge of the Company Section & Seniors, so if you have any questions then call or email him (see our Contact us page), or just come along on a Thursday evening.

Where?Map showing the location of the United Church in Lye

Most Companies of The Boys' Brigade operate as part of a Church. We can be found at:
The United Church Lye,
Upper High Street,
Lye, DY9 8LX

We're on the upper-end of the high street, away from the cross-roads - click here or on the map to view our location on Google Maps, from where you can get directions.

Note that The United Church Lye sits between the Salvation Army and Typewriter & Equipment buildings.