Redesigned website launched

A few days into our new Brigade session, today sees the launch of our redesigned website.

The redesign brings a new look, and better support for viewing on smartphones and tablets (note that Flickr photo slideshows will not work on such devices).

The work has also involved updates to the underlying software that powers the site, which will help maintainability in the longer term.

For members who've used the site before, please beware of the following side-effects of the rather big software update:

  • Old articles in the news archive are currently missing, but most will return soon.
  • The Pennine Way Blog is already available, whilst the archived West Highland Blog will be return soon.
  • Camps and Events earlier than 2011 have been moved to 'Archive' sections; this new approach is to highlight the previous, current and next years.
  • Members with accounts:¬†existing usernames and passwords¬†will not work; I will be recreating most original accounts under the same names, but you'll need a password from me.
  • If you have linked to, bookmarked or favourited a specific page on the website: whilst Camp and Event pages have always had specific URLs (e.g. '/camps/2010/easter'), this was not the case for news articles or blogs posts - such pages had numeric URLs (e.g. '/node/123') which I am unable to duplicate on this new version of the site and hence these URLs will be changing to a new format (e.g. '/news/15092012-1358/redesigned-website-launched') which should prevent this issue from occuring again in the future.