Battalion Competitions Day 2010 - Carters Lane


Saturday, 24 April, 2010 - 09:30 to Sunday, 25 April, 2010 - 14:55

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Company and Seniors

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On Saturday 24th April Company, Senior and NCO members of the 1st Lye company attended the annual Worcestershire Battalion Competitions Day at Carters Lane Baptist Church in Halesowen.


Three companies were present at this year's Competitions Day - 1st Kidderminster, 1st Lye and 1st Redditch.


This year only 1st Redditch was able to enter the drill competition - which it did with two teams.


The draughts was played with three players per team.

Photo of Draughts

1st Kidderminster and 1st Lye both entered two teams each for the draughts, while 1st Redditch entered three teams. The final came down to a 1st Redditch team versus 1st Lye A, of which 1st Lye A was the victor.


The darts were also played with three players per team.

Photo of Craig Crewe playing Darts

1st Lye and 1st Kidderminster both entered two normal teams, as well as a third joint team; while 1st Redditch entered either two or three teams. One of the two semi-finals saw 1st Lye A playing and defeating the joint team, while the final saw 1st Lye A go on to defeat a team of 1st Redditch, continuing the company's five year tradition of winning this part of the competition.


The football was five-a-side.

The winning team was a joint team between 1st Kidderminster and 1st Lye, whom won in a final against a 1st Redditch team which went to penalties.