Junior Ace Day 2012 - Milton Hall


Saturday, 10 November, 2012 - 08:45 to Sunday, 11 November, 2012 - 15:55

Section(s) involved: 


Uniform to be worn: 


The annual Junior section Ace Day took place on Saturday 10th November.  This Battalion competition which is always popular with the Boys, was held at Milton Hall Baptist Church, the home of our friends at the 1st Kidderminster company.

The day started with a quiz covering eight sections, including topics such as country capitals, Bible knowledge, flags and general knowledge. After lunch Boys and teams headed around several activities - draughts, darts and bowling on the Wii (the former two being 'real'). Attendance this year was good with at least five companies taking part.

Although we did not come in the top three position for any of competitions, our Boys did particularly well as this was the first Ace Day for two of them, whilst for all were fairly new to the games being played. Rest assured we will resume practicing the likes of draughts and darts during weekly meetings in preperation for events such as this.



Position Team
1st (Gold) 1st Redditch B
2nd (Silver) 1st Droitwich A
3rd (Bronze) 4th Halesowen
4th 1st Redditch C
5th 1st Lye
6th 1st Redditch B
7th (need to check team name)
8th 1st Kidderminster C
9th 1st Redditch A
10th 1st Redditch C
11th 1st Kidderminster B
12th 1st Kidderminster A


Position Team
1st (Gold) 4th Halesowen
2nd (Silver) 1st Redditch C
3rd (Bronze) 1st Redditch A


Position Name Company Score
1st (Gold) Ryan 4th Halesowen 138
2nd (Silver) Chris 4th Halesowen 129
3rd (Bronze) Oscar 4th Halesowen 112
4th Charlie 1st Kidderminster 104
5th Josh 1st Kidderminster 90

Additionally, Ryan of 4th Halesowen scored a bullseye during the competition.

Bowling on the Nintendo Wii

Position Name Company Score
1st (Gold) Sam 1st Kidderminster 486
2nd (Silver) Luke 1st Redditch 481
3rd (Bronze) Jake 1st Kidderminster 473


Photos from this event may be added in the future.