This is the general news archive. Note however that most news relating to Camps and other Events will not be found here, as it is normally placed on the page that exists for each Camp/Event.

Snowfall and tonight's meeting

Save for further notice, we will still be meeting tonight for those that can make it safely. It's likely we will be be finishing earlier than normal tonight.

Company and Seniors members should not bring their pizza toppings tonight, as heavy snowfall around Kidderminster means Graham Knight cannot make it this week and so we won't have any pizza bases.

Graham will be handing out letters and consent forms for New Year's Camp next week.

Christmas break

Tonight, Thursday 13th December, is our last weekly meeting before we break up for Christmas and New Year.

There is no need to wear uniform tonight, as it will be more of a party atmosphere. Martin from our Church will be doing a presentation on space and astronomy - this has been well received when he has done so in the past.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; we will restart on Thursday 10th January.

Swimming next Thursday

As our Church will be used for the Police & Crime Commissioner elections next Thursday 15th November we will be taking the Boys swimming at the Crystal Leisure Centre in Stourbridge.

The Boys will only need to bring £1.50 entrance money, plus 10p for their locker and any money they need for tuck.

Please be at Church for 18:00.

We will drop the Boys back home upon our return wherever possible. If we are unable to do this we will make arrangements with you before we head to the baths.

Changes this week and next

This Thursday (1st November) and next week (8th November, which is the Fireworks Evening), uniform should not be worn and we will finish earlier at 19:30.

This is due in part to some restrictions imposed by the construction work which the Church is currently undergoing, and also to ensure those attending the Junior Ace Day on Saturday 10th November have their uniforms ready.

Half-term break

Next week is the half-term break, and as such there will be no Boys' Brigade meeting on Thursday 25th October.

We will of course resume on Thursday 1st November.

Redesigned website launched

A few days into our new Brigade session, today sees the launch of our redesigned website.

The redesign brings a new look, and better support for viewing on smartphones and tablets (note that Flickr photo slideshows will not work on such devices).

The work has also involved updates to the underlying software that powers the site, which will help maintainability in the longer term.


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