This is the general news archive. Note however that most news relating to Camps and other Events will not be found here, as it is normally placed on the page that exists for each Camp/Event.

Half-term break

Our meeting this Thursday 13th February will be the last before the half-term break.

There will then be no meeting on Thursday 20th February, and we will resume on Thursday 27th February.

Facebook group reminder

A reminder for Boys (aged 13+) of our Company, and their Parents: if you're on Facebook then don't forget to join our closed Facebook group, run jointly with the 1st Kidderminster Company. It's a great and safe place for Parents and Boys (aged 13+) to get news and ask questions.

Note that membership is expressly limited to those who are involved with either of the Companies. We also have a public Facebook page (alongside a Google+ page and Twitter profile) which everyone is free to like/follow.

Half-term break

There will be no weekly meeting on Thursday 31st October as, like most of the Schools in our area, we will be on half-term break.

Normal weekly meetings will resume on the following Thursday 7th November, which incidentally will be our Fireworks, Friends & Food Night.

Have a good break!

Half-term break

This week (18th to 24th February) is a half-term break for Schools in our company's area.

Thefore there will no Brigade meeting this Thursday night (21st February).

We will return on the following Thursday 28th February at normal times.

Have a good half-term!

No meeting this Thursday night (update: New Year's Camp to go ahead!)

With the weather conditions having worsened again over the past 24 hours, we will not be meeting this Thursday night.

Update: It has been decided that the New Year's Camp will go ahead! Please see the New Year's Camp page, in particular information under the heading 'Information for those attending' for details on pick-up times, return times and arrangements regarding consent forms.


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